About us

Van Schaijk Warehouse Equipment

New on the market
“I remember looking for an electric pallet truck myself. I was so surprised the rates weren’t transparent.

Always requesting rates and visiting various traders to view a pallet truck. I didn’t have time for this, and I didn’t really feel like it at all. It’s not of this time, is it? I just wanted to be able to order a pallet truck or forklift from my couch.

In October 2017 I had vsheftrucks.nl officially registered with the Chamber of Commerce.

After the website went live, the first forklift was sold online after 1.5 months and that was confirmation to me that the online provision of (used) internal means of transport has a future.

In addition to our transparent offer and our competitive prices, all means of transport are delivered to your home.

We always offer three advantages with all our online purchases:

  • 14 days on trial
  • Nowhere cheaper
  • Can be used immediately

Because we are the first in the market to offer (used) internal means of transport 100% online, the choice to purchase our items entirely online may be a bit exciting. I understand this better than anyone, so if you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact me.

I am happy to speak to you personally.”


G. van Schaijk

What does Vsheftrucks stand for?
Vsheftrucks.nl stands for Van Schaijk forklifts and is part of “Van Schaijk Warehouse Equipment”, located in Geffen, North Brabant.

How do we do that?
We travel all over Europe, looking for the best vehicles and we only buy from reliable suppliers and are fully
behind our products.

What is our ambition?
We are a young and driven organization with the ambition to grow in the long term to your total supplier for internal means of transport.
Several times a month, new vehicles come online.