How does it work?

  • 1. Our staff will help you with your choice by phone, email or whatsapp.
  • 2. If desired, trade in your old machine.
  • 3. You buy the machine in our webshop, by e-mail or by telephone via one of our employees.
  • 4. You pay the machine in advance, this can be done online in our webshop or by.m means of a digital invoice.
  • 5. The machine will be delivered to you within three working days, in consultation.

  • 6. The machine can be used immediately.

Secure online

We appreciate it if you buy the products in our webshop! Therefore, you will get the vehicle on trial for 14 days. For 14 days, you can test and use the vehicle in your own environment for eight hours. If the vehicle shows a defect within 14 days, you can return the vehicle. We take the vehicle back, without asking difficult questions. After we have received the vehicle, you will receive a refund of the purchase amount to your account. You only pay the transport costs for the return.

Please note: 14 days on trial only applies to purchases in our webshop!
If you want to know everything about our trial period, please read our terms and conditions here or contact us.

Lowest price

You won’t find our machines cheaper anywhere! We choose to always advertise our machines at the best & sharpest price.

We are completely transparent about our machines and about our pricing. We advertise with competitive prices (ex. VAT) and do not let you unnecessarily request prices and quotations.

You decide when something is cheap or expensive and we think comparing products is the most normal thing in the world. We compare our products with our colleagues and choose to always advertise our machines for the best & sharpest price in our webshop.

You won’t find the machines cheaper anywhere!


Each machine is advertised with clear photos and a video. Any defects are mentioned in the advertisement.

We always advertise with complete vehicle data, photos and video and do not withhold information for you. With a used machine, there are always user traces that have nothing to do with the performance of the machine.

We map out all user traces for you so that you do not have to look in person. You don’t have to deal with time-consuming viewings.

Trade-in possible

We are willing to take over your old machine and we offer you a market-based price.

Save yourself the advertising costs, we do not ask for a guarantee We offer a market-based price and a correct and fast settlement. If desired, we also take care of the pick-up service.

Send us your vehicle details and we will come back with a bid within 24 hours.

Can be used immediately

All our machines are ready to start and can be put into production immediately. If desired, the machine can be delivered inspected.

The purchase of a used machine remains an uncertain matter for many. All machines that come to us are thoroughly inspected by a certified mechanic, before we offer them in our webshop. In addition, if desired, they are delivered inspected at an additional cost, so that you can use and use the machine directly without any worries.


We strive to deliver all machine to you within three working days. Of course, this is always in consultation.

We work with professional transporters, who have years of experience in transporting forklifts and other machines. The price for the transport depends on the machine and the destination. The transport costs are displayed in your shopping cart. Would you like to pick up the vehicle yourself in our showroom? Of course you can do this! Then make an appointment with our customer service.

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